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Luna Yoga is a yoga studio in Fitzroy and Carlton North that offers classes for people of all fitness and flexibility levels. Our five week beginner yoga introductory course is designed for true beginners, giving you a taste of yoga and inspiring you to develop your practice. We’ll introduce you to standing poses, twists, and gentle back and forward bends with a focus on the foundation of each pose. Our goal is to help you understand Iyengar Yoga and reap its many transformative benefits.Our general class is available for those who have completed our introductory course, while our experienced class is suitable for regular attendees. No matter how experienced you are, we’ll do our best to challenge you with poses of varying difficulty that leave you feeling elated. You’re sure to feel a difference within a couple of classes. Contact our yoga studio or enrol in a course online today.

Luna Yoga Studio

Luna Yoga Studio

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